Using the Search Form

This help applies to using both the simple and advanced search form.

What you see

At the top of the form, under the title, there are buttons (links) and a count of the matching search results. The buttons represent the following:

  • Advanced Search - switch to the advanced search form
  • Start Over - clear your selected filters and start with a clean search form
  • Update - next to the results counter, this updates the count to reflect any selections made in the search form
  • View Results - takes you to the results page

The next section of the form is the filters collection, which extends to the bottom of the page.

Using the Filters

Each filter has a heading and a means for selecting values.

When a filter value is selected, the page updates dynamically in two ways:

  1. The matching results counter is updated (recall that this is near the top of the page)
  2. The remaining filters have their values updated

This means that if you choose region 18 from the Region filter, then the States filter will disable states not in that region and select those that are. The remaining filters will update in the same way: only values related to Region 18 will be selected. Irrelevant values will be disabled.

Disabling irrelevant values helps you from unknowingly choosing filters that will return 0 results.

Choose the filter values that will get you the results you are looking for. Remember to refresh the page or click "Start Over" to reset the filters should you make the wrong selection at any point.

Simple vs. Advanced Search

The simple search is also known as the current record search, i.e., non-historical data.

The advanced search is also known as the historical record search, i.e., current and historical data.

Some extra filters are also displayed on the advanced search form, namely those that relate to record changes and historical values.