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Find Military Health Affairs and Defense Health Agency (DHA) policy documents.

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The DHA Charter (DODD 5136.13) delegates the Director, DHA, authority to establish and maintain, for functions assigned, a publication system for regulations, instructions, and reference documents.  

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In the DHA Publications Library, you'll find the following types of documents:

  • DHA-Procedural Instructions (DHA-PI): Implements policy, assigns responsibilities within a functional area that standardizes processes to be used throughout the DOD in the administration of all authorized DOD medical and dental programs. Provides overarching procedures to execute policy within the DOD. Issues program direction for the execution of policy within the DOD.
  • DHA-Procedures Manuals (DHA-PM): DHA-PMs implement policy within a functional area that standardizes processes to be used throughout activities of the DOD in the administration of all authorized DOD medical and dental programs by providing detailed procedures on managing or operating functional areas and providing administrative information. 
  • DHA-Technical Manuals (DHA-TM): DHA-TMs provide procedures for operation, maintenance, and training requirements to deploy a process or system.
  • DHA-Interim Procedures Memorandums (DHA-IPM): Issued only for time-sensitive actions and only when time constraints prevent publishing a new DHA-AI, DHA-PI, DHA-TM, or DHA-PM.  Effective for no more than 12 months from the date signed.
  • DHA-Administrative Instructions (DHA-AI): Implements policies and procedures governing DHA Headquarters and DHA Components (activities under the authority, direction, and control of DHA).
  • DHA-Multi-Service Regulations (DHA-MSR): A regulation containing principles, terms, tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the forces of one or two Services to perform a common military function.  It is approved by two or more Services and is promulgated as a Service regulation/ publication.  It may include differing perspectives on operational employment and is authoritative to the same extent as other Service publications but requires judgement in application. 
  • DHA-Policy Memorandums: DHA Policy Memorandum implements policies and procedures governing DHA Headquarters and DHA Components. Note: DHA Policy Memorandums are only issued when the development of a DHA Publication would delay the issuance of critical guidance.

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AR 40-501: Department of the Army Hearing Conservation Program


This pamphlet updates the U.S. Army Hearing Conservation Program requirements prescribed by policy contained in Department of Defense Instruction 6055.12

  • Identification #: AR 40-501
  • Date: 12/10/1988
  • Type: Federal Regulations
  • Topics: N/A

Memorandum of Understanding: Medical Information Resource Sharing


This MOU is intended to encourage sharing by establishing a structured forum to jointly consider and implement medical information resources management and information sharing interagency agreements between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Veterans Administration (VA) in the areas of data exchange/sharing, system architecture/planning, technology/innovation evaluation, system interoperability, and data communications.

  • Identification #: N/A
  • Date: 11/28/1988
  • Type: Memorandums
  • Topics: N/A

Memorandum of Understanding: Referral of Active Duty Patients to VA Medical Facilities


This MOU is intended to establish reimbursement procedures for active duty military treated at VA medical facilities when their treatment is not otherwise governed by procedures established in a local agreement.

  • Identification #: N/A
  • Date: 6/10/1986
  • Type: Memorandums
  • Topics: N/A
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