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Military Health System

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Fact Sheets

On this page you can find various fact sheets developed by Military Health System. Please scroll down or use the search box to find specific fact sheets.

Please note that files more than five years old may not be compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you need an accessible version of a particular file, please contact us and we will provide one for you.

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DHA Publication
Feb 22, 2023

DHA-AI: #6490.01, Behavioral Health System of Care

.PDF | 1.06 MB
This Defense Health Agency-Administrative Instruction establishes the Defense Health Agency’s standardized behavioral healthcare delivery system within military medical treatment facilities.
  • Identification #: 6490.01
  • Type: DHA-AI
DHA Publication
Feb 17, 2023

DHA-PI: #6465.01, Anatomic Gifts and Tissue Donation

.PDF | 25.34 MB
Establishes DHA's procedures for organ and tissue donation. This applies to the donation of human organs and tissues, for transplantation, therapy, research, or education..
  • Identification #: 6465.01
  • Type: DHA-PI
DHA Publication
Feb 8, 2023

DHA-AI: #6025.08, Pain Management and Opioid Safety in Military Medical Treatment Facilities

.PDF | 1.78 MB
Establishes the VA-DOD Stepped Care Model for Pain Management as the comprehensive standardized pain management model for the DHA to provide consistent, quality, and safe care for patients with pain with an emphasis on multidisciplinary, multi-modal, and nonpharmacologic pain management
  • Identification #: 6025.08
  • Type: DHA-AI
DHA Publication
Feb 7, 2023

DHA-AI: #1000.01, Telework Program and Remote Work

.PDF | 1.64 MB
Implements Reference, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes procedures for implementing the DHA Telework Program and Remote Work.
  • Identification #: 1000.01
  • Type: DHA-AI
DHA Publication
Feb 7, 2023

DHA-AI: #4165.01, Mandatory Use of the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support Facilities Management/LogiCole Facilities Management Systems

.PDF | 927.57 KB
Establishes DHA's procedures for the mandatory use of the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support-Facilities Management, and its technical replacement system known as LogiCole Facilities Management as the Computer-Aided Facilities Management and Computerized Maintenance Management System systems of record.
  • Identification #: 4165.01
  • Type: DHA-AI
DHA Publication
Dec 30, 2022

DHA-AI: #5400.01, Privacy and Civil Liberties Compliance

.PDF | 926.23 KB
Establishes DHA's procedures for achieving and managing compliance within the DHA for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act policy development and guidance, and various privacy and civil liberties initiatives.
  • Identification #: 5400.01
  • Type: DHA-AI
DHA Publication
Dec 30, 2022

DHA-AI: #4000.03, Reliability Centered Maintenance Program

.PDF | 812.06 KB
Establishes DHA's procedures for the implementation of a Reliability Centered Maintenance Program, including Condition Based Maintenance, for DHA sustained facilities.
  • Identification #: 4000.03
  • Type: DHA-AI
DHA Publication
Dec 30, 2022

DHA-AI: #8120.01, Incident Management Tool of Choice

.PDF | 822.33 KB
Establishes DHA's procedures to standardize the use Defense Health Agency Global Service Center Incident Management Tools for centrally-managed automated information systems.
  • Identification #: 8120.01
  • Type: DHA-AI
DHA Publication
Dec 6, 2022

DHA-PM: #6430.10, Pandemic Stockpile Management

.PDF | 855.80 KB
Establishes DHA's procedures to manage Pandemic Stockpiles, inventory management, and the accountability of stockpiles stored at military hospitals and clinics.
  • Identification #: 6430.10
  • Type: DHA-PM
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