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Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC)

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The DoD Service Specific Wounded Warrior Program recovery care coordinator (RCC) serves as the recovering Service members’ (RSM) non-medical point of contact on the multidisciplinary recovery team (RT) to help the RSM define and meet their individual goals for recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration. Have primary responsibility for development of the Comprehensive Recovery Plan (CRP), in conjunction with the RT, and assist the commander in overseeing and coordinating the services and resources identified in the CRP. Ensure, in coordination with the Secretary of the Military Department concerned, that the RSM and family and or designated caregiver have access to all medical and non-medical services throughout the continuum of care. An RCC is assigned to CAT 2 and CAT 3 RSMs as described in the Table of this instruction and others as defined by the Service Wounded Warrior Programs. The RCC is the expert on identifying services and resources needed to help RSMs achieve their identified goals. The RCC ensures that the RSM and family get all the non-medical support they need to include: communicating with the RSM and the RSM’s family or other individuals designated by the RSM regarding non-medical matters that arise during the recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration of the RSM; assisting with the oversight of the RSM’s welfare and quality of life: assisting the RSM in resolving problems involving financial, administrative, personnel, transitional, and other matters that arise during the recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration of the RSM. The RCC minimizes delays and gaps in treatment and services for the RSM.

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Medical Management (MM) Programs in the Direct Care System (DCS) and Remote Areas

Last Updated: December 05, 2018

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