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Military Health System

Signed in 2007

Download Reports to Congress Signed in 2007.

File Description Date
Defense Health Budget Carryover Funds Senate Report 110-155 and House Report 110-434 11/29/2007
Meeting Standards for Access to Health Care Section 733 of the NDAA for FY 2007 10/16/2007
DoD Task Force on Mental Health Section 723 of the NDAA for FY 2006 9/19/2007
Military Quality of Life and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations House Report 109-464 9/19/2007
Advantages and Disadvantages of an Enrollment Requirement for TRICARE Standard Conference Report 109-702 8/28/2007
Force Health Protection Quality Assurance 10 USC Section 1073b(a) 8/28/2007
Health Professions Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program for Active Service Section 538(c) of the NDAA for FY 2007 8/21/2007
Contracting Mechanisms for Health Care Service Support Contracts Section 736 of the NDAA for 2007 8/14/2007
Traumatic Stress and Mental Health Pilot Project Sections 721 and 722 of the NDAA for FY 2006 8/10/2007
Military Medical Recruiting and Retention Senate Report 109-254 8/2/2007
Pilot Program for Health Care Delivery Section 721 of the NDAA for 3005 7/30/2007
Enhanced Mental Health Screening and Services for Members of the Armed Forces Secdtion 738 of the NDAA for 2007 7/26/2007
Unified Medical Command House Report 109-464 7/25/2007
Impact of the Nursing Shortage Senate Report 109-292 7/12/2007
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology House Report 109-464 7/12/2007
Services to Military Dependent Children with Autism Section 717 of the NDAA for 2007 7/11/2007
Allowing Families of Activated Members of Reserve Components to Retain Civilian Health Care Coverage Section 715 of the NDAA 2007 6/11/2007
Standards and Tracking of Access to Health Care Services for WII Service Members Section 733 6/11/2007
Standards and Tracking of Traumatic Brain Injury House Report 109-452 6/1/2007
Information Technology Server Consoliation House Report 109-464 5/22/2007
Information Technology Data Sharing House Report 109-464 5/18/2007
Premium Conversion Flexible Spending Arrangements for Uniformed Service Members Senate Report 109-69 5/15/2007
Department of Defense Tobacco Cessation FY 2006 Conference Report 109-359 4/30/2007
Department of Defense Alcohol and Drug Programs Senate report 109-292 4/20/2007
TRICARE Standard Activities of TRICARE Regional Office NDAA 2006, Section 716 4/20/2007
Procurement of Information Technology Systems House Report 109-464 4/19/2007
Separations Resulting from Refusal to Participate in the Anthrax Vaccination Program Section 751 of the NDAA for FY 2001 4/6/2007
Military Health System Office of Transformation House report 109-464 3/28/2007
Defense Health Program Detailed Spending Plan Section 113 of Public Law 110-5 3/27/2007
Billing and Collections in the Direct Care System Section 731c of the NDAA of FY 2007 3/23/2007
Information Technology Server Consolidation House report 109-464 3/22/2007
Evaluation of the TRICARE Program This is the annual report to Congress about the TRICARE program 3/15/2007
TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Program House report 109-464 3/14/2007
Integrating Mental Health Services into Daily Activities of Service Members House Appropriations Committee Report 109-464 3/7/2007
Program for Mental Health Awareness for Dependents Senate Report 109-254 3/7/2007
Standards and Tracking of Health Care Services for Wounded Service Members NDAA 2007 Section 733a 3/7/2007
Advantages and Disadvantages of an Enrollment Requirement for TRICARE Standard House Report 109-702 2/26/2007
Defense Health Program Appropriation House Conference Report 109-359 2/22/2007
Enterprise Level Call and Communications System for the TRICARE Program Senate Committe Report 109-254 2/22/2007
Reserve Dental Insurance Program Section 738 of the NDAA for FY 2006 2/12/2007
Physician Reimbursement Rates and Their Adequacy HR 109-95 2/5/2007
Adverse Health Events Associated with Use of Anti-Malarial Drugs Section 737 of the NDAA for FY 2006 2/2/2007
Status of Female Members of the Armed Forces Section 562 of the Bob Stump NDAA for FY 2003 1/23/2007
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