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Occupational and Environmental Health Site Assessment

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Documents the OEH conditions found at a site (e.g., deployment site such as a base camp, bivouac site or outpost, main operating base or forward operating site, enduring location, or contingency location) beginning at or near the time it is first occupied by U.S. forces, and updated as high risk hazards are identified.  The assessment, done by Service preventive medicine personnel, includes site history; environmental health survey results for air, water, soil, and noise; entomological surveys; occupational and industrial hygiene surveys; and ionizing and non-ionizing radiation hazard surveys, if indicated.  Its purpose is to identify hazardous exposure agents with complete or potentially complete exposure pathways that may affect the health of deployed personnel.

Source of Definition

DoD Instruction 6490.03: Deployment Health

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Occupational and Environmental Health Site Assessment

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