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Federal Recovery Coordinator (FRC)

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Master's prepared registered nurses (RN) or licensed clinical social workers (SW) who is assigned to a severely WII Service member and veteran. The federal recovery coordinator (FRC) is stationed at either at a military treatment facilities (MTF), Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center or Wounded Warrior Program and serves as the constant point of contact for severely wounded, ill, and injured (WII) Service members, veterans, and their families ensuring that the Service members and veteran’s clinical and nonclinical needs are met. The FRC initiates and maintains the Federal Recovery Individual Recovery Plan. The FRC ensures that: The appropriate clinical and non-clinical case managers are engaged at the right time to achieve a Service member’s or veteran's goals. The Service member, veteran, or family is never alone in meeting access challenges or managing system barriers. Systemic barriers to care and services are resolved at both the individual and system level. The FRC engagement with the client is related to the clients’ needs and goals. Clients remain enrolled in the program as long as there is a perceived need and benefit to the client.

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Medical Management (MM) Programs in the Direct Care System (DCS) and Remote Areas

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