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Military Health System

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DHA Strategic Plan

The Defense Health Agency issued the DHA Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2023-2028.

It’s a forward-thinking plan that focuses on innovative and modern solutions. The plan drives the Agency’s efforts to modernize and stabilize our health care system. These efforts serve:

  • Military departments.
  • Combatant commands.
  • Our 9.6 million beneficiaries.

We are transitioning military health care into a more person-centric and integrated system. This brings greater value to our beneficiaries while keeping our medical readiness.

We’ll do this by delivering cutting-edge:

  • Technologies.
  • Products.
  • Services.

We’ll provide extraordinary experiences and exceptional outcomes to all beneficiaries: Anytime, Anywhere – Always.

DHA Values


We are trustworthy, honest about our performance, and follow through on our commitments.


We focus on listening, we are compassionate, and we take an active interest in understanding the needs and concerns of our teammates, partners, and patients.


We adapt quickly and innovate effectively when presented with new opportunities and new challenges.


The Defense Health Agency supports our Nation by improving health and building readiness—making extraordinary experiences ordinary and exceptional outcomes routine.


Unrelenting pursuit of excellence as we care for our joint force and those that we are privileged to serve. Anytime, Anywhere—Always.


Enabling Combat Support to the Joint Force in Competition, Crisis, or Conflict

Deliver agile and scalable combat support capabilities to the Combatant Commanders and Joint Force through operation of agreed upon clearly defined functions in competition, crisis, or conflict. Listen better, address comprehensively, and respond with urgency to challenges—and bring flexible solutions, to any place around the globe that our mission requires.

Building a Modernized, Integrated, and Resilient Healthcare Delivery System

Achieve new levels of excellence by fully leveraging emerging scientific and technological advancements, expanding partnerships, and adopting new models of health and wellness to optimize the health and care experience of our beneficiaries while improving preparedness of our medical teams. Use authorities to continuously pilot demonstration projects that reward outcomes over production, value over volume, and optimize delivery options to provide information, care, and transparency using the most appropriate venues for our beneficiaries, patients, and stakeholders.

Dedicated and Inspired Teams of Professionals Driving Military Health’s Next Evolution

Create a fulfilling and revitalizing workplace where purpose drives performance, people are the primary focus, and the principles of high reliability nurture and energize each individual, driving the entire organization in support of our pursuit of excellence.

Strategic Functions & Initiatives

Combat Support

  • Delivering scalable and agile solutions around the globe.
  • Provide scalable and agile capabilities to meet validated Combatant Commander requirements.

Healthcare Delivery

  • Providing excellent patient-centered, evidence-based care.
  • Optimize healthcare delivery in the new paradigm.
  • Leverage technology to improve the patient experience.
  • Fully integrated healthcare delivery system for the person.

Enterprise Support

  • Enabling optimal combat support and healthcare delivery capabilities for beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  • Accelerate transformative innovation throughout the DHA enterprise by rapidly implementing new and emerging technology in the delivery of healthcare.
  • Accelerate modernization of medical readiness and care through integrated research, acquisition, logistics, and contracting. 
  • Effective and timely acquisition, development, retention, and management of Agency's total workforce.
  • Drive decision making at all levels of the organization with data.

Cross Functional Initiative

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Implement Ready Reliable Care

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