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MDR, M2, ICDs Functional References and Specifications

The Decision Support Division (DSD) is responsible for the Functional References and Specifications of the MHS Data Repository (MDR), MHS Mart (M2), and Interface Control Documents (ICDs). For each functional specification there may be two accessible versions at any one time. The Current System version documents the specific file as it currently exists. If present, the Future System version documents the file as it will be once proposed changes are implemented. Once those changes have been implemented, the Future System version will be reclassified as the Current System version.

Each specification is assigned a status that reflects its level of permanence. Preliminary is a draft designation that identifies a working document to which further changes are anticipated. Final is also a draft designation that indicates that the file is not likely to change.

The files available here are the most current versions of a document. The repository is updated as new versions are released. If you have any questions or need access to an older version of a specification, please email the functional specifications manager.

Interface Control Documents


MDR Functional References and Specifications

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M2 Functional References and Specifications

M2 Access Information


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Last Updated: July 28, 2022

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