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Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute

DMRTI questions and answers

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Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute | Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute

How do I request training support from DMRTI?


Please fill out the DMRTI Training Support Request with your Mobile Training Team (MTT) requirement and route for consideration at a minimum of 90 days prior to the requested training dates. The Director of Education and Training Directorate of the Defense Health Agency retains the authority for tasking all MTT requests to DMRTI and your agency/unit must route all requests via the appropriate channels for approval. DMRTI can begin informal coordination with the requestor immediately; however, nothing can be finalized until approval is obtained. DMRTI Operations will be the conduit for all training requests coordination. Please contact DMRTI Operations for further information.


What is DMRTI?


DMRTI (Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute) is a Tri-Service military command tasked with conducting and coordinating training in areas that enable military medical department personnel, both active duty and reserve, to better perform the wide variety of challenging medical and health service support missions they are faced with around the world.


How do I apply for a DMRTI course?


DMRTI courses are in high demand, and seats are limited. Each course, depending on how it is funded, takes student applications a little differently. Please review the course descriptions, decide which courses you are interested in, and email the Course Contacts for more information.


How do I become an instructor for one of DMRTI courses?


We appreciate your interest in becoming an adjunct faculty member. Please call or email the course contacts and request further information.


How do I obtain continuing education credits for a course I attended?


DMRTI courses offer various continuing education credits. For more information, please contact the DMRTI Academic Support Branch.

Last Updated: February 17, 2021

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