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Military Health System

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Defense Medical Information System Identifier Tables

The DMIS is a service of the Department of Defense which identifies past and current DOD medical facilities. This information is updated monthly with availability of data going back several years. This site is a service of the DOD Defense Health Agency Office of Decision Support Division. 

About DMIS IDs

  • DMIS IDs are recognized within the DOD as the controlling standard for both medical and military facility identification and cost/workload classification.
  • DMIS IDs are used throughout the Military Health System and worldwide in both health care and non-health care systems.
  • To add a new DMIS ID or request a change to an existing one, send an email to the address shown on the Contact page. The DMIS ID Helpdesk will put you in touch with the appropriate POC for your request.

About DMIS ID Tables

  • The DHA publishes DMIS ID Tables monthly for the MHS.
  • This site provides the latest version of the DMIS ID Table for viewing, printing, or downloading, along with a change report.
  • DMIS ID Tables are released one month in advance. For example, the DMIS ID Table for July will be published June 1 and available on this site at that time.
  • Historical DMIS ID Tables are available on the Download page of this Web site. This includes DMIS ID Tables for the current fiscal year and Fiscal Year-End Tables back to 1989.

DMIS ID Data Dictionary

DMIS ID Historical File Layouts

Each version of the file layout will appear as a tab in the Excel spreadsheet link above.

DMIS ID Monthly Downloads

  • Select the desired monthly DMIS ID Table.
  • This download contains the monthly DMIS ID Table from the current year in the five following formats:
    • Comma-delimited
    • Bar-delimited
    • Quote-delimited
    • Fixed-width
    • Excel
  • With the desired month selected, click Download. This launches a download window.
  • To download the tables, choose the appropriate action from your browser's download window.
  • At the beginning of a new fiscal year, all tables from the previous fiscal year are removed from the option list. The September table will move to the historical DMIS ID file list for the previous fiscal year.

DMIS ID Monthly Change Downloads

  • You can download a monthly change file in MS Excel format
  • This file describes what has changed from the previous month
  • At the beginning of a new fiscal year, all change spreadsheets from the previous fiscal year are removed from the option list.

DMIS ID Year-End Downloads

  • You can download a fiscal year-end file in MS Excel format.
  • The fiscal year-end file is the DMIS ID Table of September of the selected year.
  • Note: All historical fiscal year-end files have been zipped using WinZip.

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Last Updated: July 10, 2024
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