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DOD TBI Worldwide Numbers

Service members can sustain a TBI during day-to-day activities, such as while playing sports or participating in recreational events, military training and military deployment. The majority of traumatic brain injuries sustained by members of the U.S. Armed Forces are classified as mild TBI, also known as concussion.

Most service members who sustain a mild TBI return to full duty within 10 to 14 days through rest and the progressive return to activity process, in which patients gradually return to normal activity using a standardized, staged approach. Further treatment is available if symptoms persist after the recommended rest period. Review our TBI Resources for Medical Providers page for more information about the PRA and other clinical recommendations and tools.

Those who have been diagnosed can find symptom management fact sheets, caregiver guides, and other patient-centered resources on the TBI Resources for Service Members, Patients, Families, and Caregivers page.


DOD Numbers for Traumatic Brain Injury, Worldwide Totals from 2000-2023.  Penetrating 5,791; Severe 4,849; Moderate 57,600; Mild 410,798; Not Classifiable 20,814.  Total All Severities 499,852. Data as of Feb.13, 2024.

Number of Service Members Diagnosed with TBI

Using the drop-down menu below, locate a DOD Worldwide Numbers for TBI report by calendar year and select download. The report titled "2000-2023 Q3 DOD Worldwide Numbers for TBI" will provide the totals of the years combined. Each report will provide totals for each service branch as well as the total for all service branches and TBI types combined for the reporting period. Download the "DOD TBI Worldwide Numbers At-A-Glance" for a high-level overview of all TBI's diagnosed since 2000 and how the data breaks down by TBI severity and service branch.


About the Data

Where do the numbers come from? How are TBI cases defined?

Learn more about where the DOD TBI Worldwide Numbers come from.

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