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TBICoE Podcasts

TBICoE produces multiple podcast series focused on various TBI-related topics. Listen to, subscribe, or download episodes on DVIDS (CUBIST and Picking Your Brain), or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Picking Your Brain Podcast

TBICoE's Picking Your Brain podcast icon.Picking Your Brain is a series that highlights the impact of TBI on military readiness, covering everything from the treatment and rehabilitation of service members to the collaborative research and clinical advancements that inform health care providers. The Traumatic Brain Injury Center of Excellence launched the podcast during the 2020 Brain Injury Awareness Month campaign, and the subject matter encourages us to continue producing this series.


More Picking Your Brain Episodes

Click the link to see the complete Picking Your Brain series.

TBICoEs CUBIST, Clinical Updates in Brain Injury Science Today , podcast icon.CUBIST Podcast

Launched in May 2017, the "Clinical Updates in Brain Injury Science Today"—or CUBIST—series is for health care providers treating service members and veterans with traumatic brain injury. Each episode offers a brief analysis of current research relevant to clinicians. Listen to all the episodes of CUBIST on DVIDSGo to CUBIST on DVIDS!

New Episode! CUBIST S7E4: Can Blast Exposure Throughout a Military Career Impact TBI Recovery?

In this episode of CUBIST, Dr. Don Marion and new host, Dr. Keith Stuessi, discuss a study entitled "Cumulative Blast Exposure During a Military Career Negatively Impacts Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury." Dr. Jason Bailie, author of the paper and neuropsychologist at TBICoE, joins the program to discuss the study investigating the impact of cumulative blast exposure on the recovery from TBI among military personnel. 

TBI Family Podcast

As a health care provider, you know it takes a team to care for service members and veterans with TBI. Families play an important role in recovery and rehabilitation. In 2016, TBICoE started “The TBI Family,” a podcast focused on TBI caregivers and their loved ones. Listen below and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.


TBICoE Podcast Disclaimer

The views and opinions of findings and/or devices discussed in this podcast are those of the host, subject matter experts, and guests. Facts represented constitute our understanding as of the time of the podcast, whereas updated factual information may be developed. They should not be construed as pronouncing an official Department of Defense’s position, policy, decision, or endorsement.

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Mar 17, 2023

TBICoE Research Review: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

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The purpose of this Research Review is to summarize current peer-reviewed scientific literature and expert assessment regarding the pathology, genetic pre-disposition, causes, clinical manifestations, and neuroimaging of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Mar 15, 2023

INFORMATION PAPER: The Impact of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on the Autonomic Nervous System

.PDF | 381.19 KB

The purpose of this information paper by TBICoE is to provide a general overview of the current evidence related to the impact of concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) on the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This paper will focus on heart rate variability (HRV), pupillary light reflex (PLR), and hyperhidrosis within the military and civilian ...

Last Updated: November 14, 2023
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