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Military Health System

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Defense Medical Materiel Standardization Program

Through the Defense Medical Materiel Standardization Program (DMMSP), the DHA collaborates with the military departments and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to provide Military Health System (MHS)-wide management of compliance oversight for business process and initiatives that improve the materiel standardization, product sourcing, and materiel cost across the MHS in coordination with the DLA and in compliance with the Competition in Contacting Act and Federal Acquisition Regulations.  

DMMSP Elements Include:

  • A designated DHA headquarters-level clinical champion provides program advocacy for clinical accountability in standardization actions and compliance, ensuring the DMMSP remains an MHS clinical program supported by logistics rather than a logistics program imposed on clinicians.
  • Regional DHA Defense Medical Materiel Enterprise Standardization Offices (MMESOs) execute medical materiel standardization actions in collaboration with clinical  SME representing the component Services.  The lead Military Department for each MMESO appoints a Senior Designated Logistician and a Senior Designated Clinician. 
  • A reference list of products, administered by the DHA, that have been standardized through the DMMSP or other accepted joint clinically driven standardization process, including the Joint Deployment FormularyA core list of pharmaceutical items that are required for theater-level care for the first 30 days of contingency operations.Joint Deployment Formulary (JDF).  

Standardization Management


To serve as the joint voice of clinical and logistical experts to optimize the standardization of medical materiel spanning from first responder to definitive care.


  • Joint Interoperability of medical capabilities
  • Joint standardization of medical supplies, durables and equipment
  • Patient centered decisions
  • Improved patient and staff safety
  • Evidence-based decisions, supporting the current Standards of Care

What we do:

  • Initiate, review and modify National Stock Number (NSN) requirements for medical materiel that has been standardized.  The NSN is used by the services when ordering and stocking medical materiel.
  • Provide Clinical experts to participate as required in the services Medical Assemblage and set reviews. 
Last Updated: July 11, 2023
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