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Military Health System

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Health Surveillance Explorer

In 2019, The Armed Forces Health Surveillance Division created an innovative application that makes it more efficient and effective to assemble, integrate, and display health surveillance data. The Health Surveillance Explorer is a dynamic CAC-enabled mapping application that allows Geographic Combatant Commands to identify health threats and disease outbreaks worldwide in near real-time. And that helps GCCs protect the health and readiness of their forces wherever they may be deployed worldwide. Learn more about the HSE by watching the HSE Intro Video. (3 minutes, 15 seconds)

Getting Started

New users must first register an account with their CAC by logging into the NGA PortalOpens NGA Portal. Once registered, users can access the Desktop HSEOpens HSE website and the Mobile HSEOpens HSE website.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can access information on the HSE?


Access to the HSE is available to DOD CAC holders with a need to view or support Force Health Protection (FHP) and operational readiness against disease outbreaks and health threats. 


Why is the HSE hosted by the National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency (NGA)?


The NGA delivers world-class geospatial intelligence that provides a decisive advantage to policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals, and first responders. It is the world leader in timely, relevant, accurate and actionable Geospatial Intelligence. NGA enables the U.S. intelligence community and the DOD to fulfill the President's national security priorities to protect the nation.


Which browser supports the HSE?


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are the recommended browsers, but ultimately this depends on your organization’s browser settings.


What if the HSE does not load correctly?


If the HSE does not load correctly (e.g., grey screen, missing tools, etc.), follow these steps

  • Refresh the page by pressing F5 or hitting the refresh button at the top of the browser
  • Restart the browser. Multiple tabs open in a browser can slow the HSE performance
  • Clear your browser cache and temporary files by pressing CTRL+Shift+Del

If problems persist, contact AFHSD’s Integrated Biosurveillance Branch GIS Team at


What content appears on the HSE?


AFHSD senior leaders and epidemiologists determine what disease and health events appear on the HSE on a daily basis. The HSE contains information from a variety of AFHSD products in its role to provide timely, relevant, actionable, and comprehensive health surveillance information to promote, maintain, and enhance the health of the military and its associated populations. In addition, the events can be viewed in proximity to U.S. Embassy locations, the AFHSD’s Global Emerging Infections Surveillance (GEIS) Branch’s partner network of DOD service laboratories and military treatment facilities. All content is archived and can be searched for historical context.


How can users request additional information about an event on the HSE?


For additional information about the events, contact AFHSD’s Integrated Biosurveillance Branch ARO Team at


How are the health and disease event threat levels for the HSE determined?


Each event is assessed as a LOW, MODERATE, or HIGH public health threat, determined by AFHSD based on the implementation of FHP countermeasures. For a brief explanation of the threat levels, click on the “Legend” widget at the top right corner of the blue header bar on the main screen application.


How can i get access to HSE?


First, users need to authenticate your CAC with the NGA's GEOAxlS service:

  • Click GeoAxIS to authenticate CAC
  • Click on the PKI Certificate (left side0 and select DOD certificate
  • Read the instruction and select "I consent" to complete registration
  • Restart the browser

Once authenticated access the HSE by clicking this link


Can the content on the HSE be shared?


Some content is CUI//DOD Use Only and should not be shared outside of DOD. If there is information that users wish to disseminate further, contact AFHSD’s Integrated Biosurveillance Branch ARO Team at

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Last Updated: March 21, 2024
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