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Continuous Quality Immunization Improvement Process and Virtual Continuous Quality Immunization Improvement Process

The CQIIP/VCQIIP Assessment tool is currently undergoing revision. If you need the assessment tool, please contact your local Immunization Healthcare Specialist. IHS contact information can be found at:

The Continuous Quality Immunization Improvement Process and Virtual Continuous Quality Immunization Improvement Process are NOT inspections; they are valuable resources to assist immunization sites with providing their stakeholders with the best practices available for immunization delivery utilizing the Standards for Military Immunization. The main difference between a CQIIP and VCQIIP is that the CQIIP is an on-site visit, while the VCQIIP visit utilizes telephone, email, video and teleconferencing. Both CQIIP and VCQIIPs provide immunization sites with resources and guidance to enhance quality and safety in meeting their mission of immunization delivery.

CQIIPThey were developed in accordance with Department of Defense policy and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The Defense Health Agency Immunization Healthcare Division has 17 Immunization Healthcare Specialists geographically located around the world to assist with getting started with the CQIIP/VCQIIP.

The assessment form asks questions about each of the standards to help identify areas of improvement and provide an understanding of the current processes of an immunization program. An IHS then reviews the answers and coordinates a site visit to assist in implementing a safe and effective program, to share best practices, immunization resources, information, and provide verbal recommendations for any shortfalls identified during the visit. Approximately 7-10 days after the visit, the IHS will provide a written Immunization Program Assessment Report detailing their findings and recommendations. The CQIIP/VCQIIP Assessment tool can also be used as a Self-Assessment in between on-site or virtual assessments conducted by the IHS to gauge a clinic's progress in achieving program improvements based on past recommendations.

Click here to find the IHS for your region.

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Last Updated: May 15, 2024
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